6 Most Effective Advantages of CNG Cars

From the technical standpoint, CNG, which stands for Compressed Natural Gas, is a gas fuel made of petrol obtained when compressed to 1% of the volume at standard atmospheric pressure. According to a 2011 study, the Asia-Pacific region is leading in retrofitting CNG engines in motor vehicles for a number of over 5 million. 

Fuel is a significant discussion today, especially petroleum products. Without them, we cannot spend a single day turning them into a more substantial controversy. And believe it or not, the environmental aspect of the debate is just making matters worse. But, speaking of the excellent part, CNG has saved the day. And those who use them know the advantages of CNG-driven cars.

But just as natural gas has its perks it has the downside as well. The cost of its storage containers is a major hurdle in its worldwide adoption. As a result, only public transport and government-funded transport systems could rapidly take to this cost-effective fuel as they were able to generate the return from it quickly. 

Nevertheless, the rapid growth of the industry in Asia-Pacific and across the world has worked tremendously to bring down the cost of storing CNG. This in turn helps users shift to a better alternative for fuel.

What are the Advantages of CNG Cars?

When you switch to CNG, you open your door to a number of benefits. Whether you are switching to save the environment or to cut the cost of fueling, you are in for a lot of advantages that you would have missed using petrol. Let’s discuss them in brief.


CNG is regarded as a safer fuel than other petroleum products due to its lightweight quality. In case of a leakage, it will soar up quickly and mix with the air rapidly keeping the user safe.

Also, it is stored in leakproof containers 

CNG filling the car
CNG filling in the car

Green Fuel

Haven’t we all heard that in our schools? CNG is considered a greener fuel than petrol and this attribute has nothing to do with its color.

CNG is an environment-friendly fuel with 95% less greenhouse gas emissions than other fuels like petrol and diesel. It is composed of methane which is quite eco-friendly as it produces less carbon dioxide than other fossil fuels. 

High Auto-Ignition Temperature

CNG has a very high auto-ignition temperature that adds to its safety. The temperature at which it would auto-ignite is 540 degrees centigrade. It reduces the chances of accidental combustion or explosion.

Dual Facility

Who does not like to have a contingency plan? Well, CNG brings one with it. When you switch to CNG, you do not have to worry about not finding CNG gas stations during an emergency as it also runs on petrol. This is one of the best advantages of CNG vehicles as the user feels very secure.


Cost efficiency is one of the major benefits of CNG and probably the main reason for people switching to it. The price of CNG across India is less than half the price of petrol and diesel. This makes it very economical for developing countries like India. 

Lower Maintenance

There is nothing more burdening for a car owner than the time and money spent on maintaining it. But with CNG, it is easy. Since it apparently contaminates the motor oil significantly less than other fuels, the cost of maintaining the car and its engine is reduced. So, cut yourself some slack with natural gas.

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The Bottom Line

CNG is building its place in the world today. It is not only cost-efficient but environment friendly as well which makes it a sustainable and safe fuel. Nations today are more concerned about the quality of air. A problem that seems to dilute from the perspective of CNG. 

As citizens of not just India but of mother earth, it is our responsibility to safeguard nature for the generations to come while making a living out it for ourselves.

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