4 Working Tricks: How To Delete Ajio Account (100% Work)

Today we come up with a fresh topic and also most of you have trouble that how to delete the Ajio account. Because we all know that Ajio is the biggest fashion brand. So, below we discussed some of the basic rules and what are the different rules that solve your problem related to the delete Ajio account. So, stay tuned with us and be ready for your problem guidelines. You only follow the process and then you get your desired result.

So, first of all, we try to give some basic information that what is the Ajio and what is the owner of this company. Because without knowing this thing it’s should not possible to solve your problem which is how to delete Ajio account. And also, you also have reasons why you should delete your account so you provide them also. 

What is Ajio?

Most of us all know What is Ajio but some might be not aware and they create an account based on the other references or for other use. But when you read Ajio first time then most of us all think that this is related to Jio but this company does not have the same work. But according to your assumption, you are nearly predicting some true result.

And also after hearing this Ajio name you think that Jio is the company of Mukesh Bhai Ambani then Ajio also has the same owner. So, this answers your right prediction. Basically, Ajio is the big lifestyle and fashion brand where you can find all the fashion-related things in this Reliance’s digital commerce store and also you get delivered at any destination. The main advantage of this digital store is that on your first purchase when you applied the code which is given by that then you get the 33% extra bonus. And for this purpose, most of all are using this platform. 

At the core, all things considered, Ajio’s way of thinking and drive highlight one basic truth – inclusivity and acknowledgment as the best way to make our general public somewhat more sympathetic. Also, en route, somewhat more in vogue, whether making case assortments make assembling extraordinary looks simple, making selective worldwide brands accessible in one spot, resuscitating India’s rich material legacy through the Indie assortment, or making incredible style a simple buy through the in-house brand AJIO Own.

And at this Ajio platform, you find lots of different varieties like Footwear, Jewels, Jiomart, and all different skim which are available for reliance users. So on this platform, you find unique and traditional things across India and all over the world. They will invite your fearlessly and seamlessly shop. And the reason behind this company name is its telecom company name Jio and the upcoming digital wallet of this company. 

So that’s all about the Ajio now if you want to use this account then first you create the account on this platform like you create on Amazon, Flipkart, etc. But after creating some of are facing issues to delete the account and also I have seen many queries like how to delete Ajio account. Below we provide all possible solutions with proper guidelines and till that please find the account that you want to delete from Ajio platform. 

How To Delete Ajio Account

Now, we are providing your problem solution that How to delete Ajio account in free and forever. Because if you are not a graduate or do not understand the proper steps then you might face the issue and not get your desired result. So, this post will assist you that how to delete Ajio account permanently and you can do it yourself without anyone’s help. 

There four process to delete your Ajio account. 

  1. Delete Your Account by Sending the E-mail
  2. Delete Your Account through the website
  3. Delete Account from your Ajio Mobile App
  4. Delete Your Account through Customer Care Number.

Above are the two possible solutions and but most of not prefer the first solution because they think that how they write the mail and when they replied. It’s also the right thing so they can also select the second choice which is feasible. It depends upon you what you select we provide accurate solutions and both are working correctly. So now discussed the first solution.

1.Delete Your Account by Sending Email

Now the first possible solution to your question that how you delete Ajio accounts is to mail them. If you know then this is the best solution we can consider. Because in MNC if we have any problem then send them E-main and after that their team will analyze the problem and your request then give the answer. So now most of you are not know how you can write an e-mail for this type of query. 

Steps follow to E-mail Ajio:

  • First, sign in with your Google account and open E-mail
  • After that click on compose and send the email to [email protected] mail address.
  • Now after that wait some days they will reply to your mail account and if they found any problem then they request information and again the same process follow they.
  • Now if you understand that how to mail for customer support then it’s good but some of don’t know so don’t worry below we provide some abstract mail format where you change some name and send which is I think very easy for you.

Format Mail To Send Ajio Customer Care:

Subject: Request to delete my Ajio account

Respected Ajio Team,

I  created Ajio account for shopping with <Your Name> and I used for that my email address is <Your E-mail Address Which you used for that> and now my Ajio account user name is <Your Username>

Now I have done it from my side and I want to delete my name from your database record so I request to delete my account and clear all the information related to me. Below I also provide some basic information that I used when I create an account on Ajio.

Name: <Your Name>

Phone Number: <Your Mobile Number>

E-Mail Account: <Your E-mail Address>

Your Regards,

Your Name

Now in the above format, you change your information where I give curly braces so erase them and add your information. Then simply send them. And wait for its reply. After that, if they give an answer for successfully deleting your account so now you problem solved how to delete Ajio account. Now below we move forward with the second solution. And after once delete your account, you can’t get retrieve your data as well as also you can’t to log in using same username and password.

Delete Your Account by Sending Email

2.Delete Your Account Through Website:

Now the second way is also efficient to delete your Ajio account. So let’s begin the discussion and solved your problem. So, follow all the below steps to delete your Ajio account. You can do this process in your desktop as well as on the mobile browser this selection depends upon you that what you select.

  • First, go to the official website of Ajio 
  • Enter Your User name and Password for Login
  • Find the setting option from that and select Setting
  • For your account information click on Account
  • Now there you see one option delete account so click on Delete Account
  • To verify that you are an authorized person so you need to re-enter your password and username
  • After fill up all the details click on the Continue

Now after completing all the steps successfully, you will be able to delete your Ajio account and also, solve your question that how to delete Ajio account. This is a simple process compared to mailing them. But remember one thing that this is not completely de-activated if you want to re-activate then you can act in particular after that you delete your account permanently and they will also mail for successfully delete your mail account. Now, still you faced any issue or want more easy solution than you read the third solution.

And after once delete your account, you can’t get retrieve your data as well as also you can’t to log in using same username and password.

3.Delete Your Ajio Account Through Mobile Application:

Now, this is a big brand so they also have applications and some of you are also interested in online shopping. So you can also de-active or delete your account from Ajio application and if you don’t have then you first download and then you can delete your account. And after reading these guidelines you feel like this is the same as deleting an account from a website. But if you have an application then it will be easier. Now below all steps you follow and solved your problem.

  • First log in with your username and password using Ajio application
  • Now after that in the corner you find your account setting go there.
  • Select the Account which you find below your username.
  • And there you see Deactivate button click on that. 
  • Now for your authorization purpose re-enter your password and username and after that click on the de-activation button. 

Now as we say above that you can’t delete your account permanently first, they will de-activate and if you want to re-activate then you can also do it. After some time, they will delete your account and send the e-mail. And remember one thing after once delete your account you can’t get retrieve your data as well as also you can’t log in using the same username and password.

 So, through this process, you can solve your problem which is how to delete Ajio account. Now last way is customer care. So, let’s start that process.

4.Delete Your Account through Customer Care Number

Now, this is what you considered as the last option to delete your Ajio account. So, we all talk with care members so this is similar to what you can do. We don’t provide any surety that through this way you definitely delete your Ajio account because might be they will tell you to follow some steps which we provide above. 

Ajio Customer Care Number: 1800-889-9991

Now first dial this number and after receiving a call you can say that you want to delete your Ajio account and you hear instructions which are given by the support member. And if they tell you to do the above process then you can do it easily after reading instructions or guidelines. And after once delete your account you can’t get retrieve your data as well as also you can’t log in using the same username and password.

Now that’s all about your problem that how to delete Ajio account. I try to provide my best instruction and help to solve your problem. Now if you got any new solutions then you can connect us through a comment. 

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