Packers and Movers Bill for Claim.

packers and movers bill for claim documents list

Typically packers and movers provide an invoice or bill to their customers. But if you are working for an MNC or big corporate company, then you need a proper Packers and Movers bill for the claim process. When a company relocates you or you join a new company, that time company provides your relocation cost. You have to submit the proper invoice for reimbursement. In that scenario, a person needs an accurate and genuine Packers and Movers for claim.

How to find the right pack of movers for you Bill?

Selecting the best Packers movers can help you to get your reimbursement claim settled in the company. If you cannot find a suitable package customer, you may not get your reimbursement properly from the corporate. When you are looking for a Packers and movers Bill for claim, make sure you find the right one for your bill.

Here is a list of things you should consider before hiring packers and movers for the bill

  1. GST number
  2. physical office
  3. CIN number
  4. landline number
  5. company Warehouse
  6. company own Logistics system

These above things are essential to verify from your package before getting a bill or Billy for your reimbursement.

Let’s understand the process.

As we said earlier that Packers and movers bills for claim need for reimbursement of your relocation. Suppose your company is relocating you from one city to another city, such as from packers and movers Bangalore to Pune. There is a probability that the company will pay for your relocation. If you have very few goods or larger Goods doesn’t matter, a good Packers can send all kinds of your goods from one location to another location easily. So after relocation, you make a proper invoice with details from the relocation company, which you can submit to your corporation or your company to get the reimbursement amount.

Sometimes you may not need Packers and movers for your relocation. You can do it on your own, but in that case, you may not get a proper invoice. Suppose you transfer your goods by hiring a local truck or Lorry; they may not provide you with a valid GST invoice. To get your reimbursements to claim, you need a suitable package and movers bill with all necessary details, such as GST company details. In that scenario, you can get an invoice from any reported Packers movers for this settlement. Not only company reimbursement but also help you save money in your ITR or income tax.

Let’s understand what kind of document you can get in relocation.

Here is the list of documents you should get from the Packers and movers bill for claim process

  • Quotation
  • Billy or Consignment copy
  • Bill or Invoice
  • Cash memo
  • Item list


A quotation is the first form of the document when you interact with a Packers and Movers. When you call Packers and Movers, they will come to the location to inspect your goods and provide a quotation for the moment. This code contains the item list which you want to send, the location from which you want to send and where you want to send it, all your contact details and personal details, the amount and the date of relocation. In most cases, your company or your HR may not ask for the quotation, but sometimes they may ask. So it is safe to submit a quotation along with all the documents at the time of reimbursement. 

Bilty or Consignment copy 

Once you finalise a packers movers they will come to your location and take all of a good and creative bilty also known as consignment copy. Basically, a bilty consists of all movement-related details such as your name, contact details, moving from location address, delivered location address, LR number, consignment number, number of goods, company seal and signature, item types, and company terms and conditions. This built or consignment copy is created into 3 different copies.

One is a driver copy and the other one is a customer copy and the last is a company copy. The customer will keep the original one and the driver copy was kept with the driver, and another copy will be kept with the packers movers company for reference. This is a very important piece of document you need to submit at the time of reimbursement.

Bill or Invoice

Invoice copy in packers movers world is called bill which is the most important part of the document for this whole reimbursement process. Generally builds content with all your information: the number of items, actual amount, TAX amount, GSTN number, company seal and signature etc. This bill or invoice plays a vital role when you apply for reimbursement in your company. So before submitting your document, you do not forget to attach the bill or invoice to your submission.

Cash memo

Case memories are proof that you have paid the amount of relocation generated by the invoice. This will contain the amount you paid for the relocation process and how you paid via cash or by the online transaction. This piece of document is not so important in your reimbursement process but still adding this document will make sure that your claim process will not face an issue.

Item list 

Item rest is also another piece of important document in a Packers and Movers bill for the claim process. This copy contains the number of items you are allocating and your contact information with your signature and company sale.

Why you need a packers and movers bill for claim?

 While the company is relocating you nor you join a new company where the company is sponsoring you for your relocation. Once your relocation is done you will get all sets of documents that were mentioned above from the packers and movers with GST numbers. When you get all the documents you can submit them to your company to initiate your reimbursement process. Your company member will do the process in that process they will verify the invoice and other documents. If it is needed they will also fine through the parent packet and movers company for confirmation whether the shifting is done or not. When everything is perfectly fine the company will refund the amount to your account. 


How to get a Packers and Movers bill for the claim?

If you’re moved by any Packers and Movers after your shipment is done you can ask your Packers Movers to give the Packers movers bill for your claim. If you are not moving your goods or arranging a local truck on your own, you have to contact genuine packers movers to get the bill. However, to get a genuine bill with a GSTN number you may have to pay the GST charge to the company and a few other documentation charges. Genuine bills will complete your reimbursement process without any hassle and with proper backend support from the packers movers team. 

What if my packers and movers reimbursement process fails? 

If your reimbursement process comes with any issues, your HR company person contacts you. In that situation, you must contact your packers company and resolve the issue with their help. Sometimes also, your shifting amount is larger than your allocated reimbursement amount, in that case, your account will only hit the allocated amount from the company. 

How can I generate a Packers and Movers bill for claim?

Professional Packers and Movers do the shifting process and they can only provide you with genuine bills or invoices for your reimbursement. If you want to create a Packers and Movers bill on your own it may travel you in the authenticity or your reimbursement process because the backend verification is important in reimbursement. So it is an advisable decision to generate the packers and movers bill from authentic packers movers.

Who are the best Packers and Movers bill for claim in India?

If you are selecting the right packers movers for a moment, then you can get the Best bill for claim documents in India. Some companies can provide you with packers movers bill for a claim with some extra amount and chest charges in India. But please verify their company background, GSTN documentation, authenticity etc. We will never recommend you download any sample copy of the packers movers bill and edit it and submit it for your reimbursement. This may trouble you in your professional career as well as in your reimbursement process.

Is there any guideline for this Packers and Movers bill for claim?

All the packers and movers follow a standard guideline for a genuine Packers and Movers bill for a claim. Such as 5 sets of documents such as quotation, bilty or consignment copy, bill or invoice copy, item list and cash memo. Suppose you are trying to reimburse with a corporate or MNC company; they may have different guidelines. You can follow their guidelines carefully so that you may not face any kind of issue in your settlement process.

Which company can provide authentic Packers and Movers bill for claim?

If you are looking for an authentic Packers and Movers bill for a claim, then definitely genuine and reliable packers movers can provide you with an authentic document. Before hiring any packers movers or procuring any documents, you can investigate their company authenticity. Never falls for a chief or any local packers movers to get packers built for clam. Always trust authentic Packers and Movers bills for your climbing process. Error a few things you can consider for acquiring authentic documents. 
Company GSTN number 
Company physical office 
Company CIA number 
IBA approved company 

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