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Finding the best packers and movers in Cuttack is no more a frustrating process. In general to shift the household items you may need to verify and do some background verification to find genuine packers and movers Cuttack. But relax we help you to find the top 5 moving companies for you. We know the shifting process is very crucial and sensitive as someone else will take care of all your household goods to pack, and shift to your new house by your deadline. In your busy life relocation to home can be the joy of occurring a new house or promotion in a job or job switching for a better carrier.

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To save time and effort continuing with the new house moving excitement we have to find the best 5 packers and movers in Cuttack. We have considered multiple factors and hundreds of things to short the best company out of many. So while moving in Cuttack finding the right moving company will be no longer a time tacking process where you can spend your saving time with your family and other activity.

Top 5 Packers and movers in Cuttack.

Cloud Packers and Movers Pvt Ltd

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Established in 2017 this is one of the most trusted packers you can trust to move your retailer household goods, bikes, car and even pets. They have ready setups and owned logistic networks to tackle any kind of shifting requirement.

Advanced equipment and suitable packing material make shifting affordable. 24×7 support with a live tracking facility makes every shifting joy able. These genuine packers don’t make fake promises with no hidden cost which proves their genuine.

All over India network and international stations make this company stand ahead from others. A manager will be associated with your shifting process, fast and safe delivery.

Website –

Agarwal packers and movers

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Looking for quality packers and movers in Cuttack may end with Agarwal packers. A 36 years old company with excellent experience completes all your shifting needs on a single contact.

You can trust this company and hand over all your valuable items for hassle free shifting.

You may call this packer only for packing or loading purposes also. You can find multiple offices and warehouses of this packer in all major cities of India.

Website –

Leo packers and movers

Leo packers website Screenshot

If you are in Cuttack and looking for shifting service within Cuttack or out of Cuttack this may be the best option for you.

The highly professional packers team and very professional approach make your shifting pocket friendly.

The great thing about Leo packers and movers in Cuttack is they have a good no of offices and warehouses in Cuttack itself. Free visit is available by this company.

Website –

Hindustan packers and movers

Hindusthan packers website Screenshot

Odisha based company but has a very good service availably with strong customer care support. You can get all kinds of shifting needs starting such as packing, moving, loading, unloading, unpacking and storage.

If you want to move very few items or total household goods, car or bike, office or shop think can be easily moved by Hindustan packers and movers in Cuttack. This is IBA approved packers and movers in Cuttack which will give you more peace of mind.

Website –

Rudra Packers and movers

Rudra packers website Screenshot

Very young but famous for its service quality and nonthetic promises. Rudra packers understand your requirement first then a supervisor visit location and give you the best quotation.

This firm not only provides shifting service but if you need packing material then deliver material at your doorstep also.

Website –

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Serious Problems that Packers and Movers Cuttack Solving in Shifting.

A shipment of a house or office includes considerable difficulties and challenges. A person that is shifting their valuables can efficiently comprehend those issues. And those issues can ruin your relocation, resulting in broken goods and emotions.

Packing Your Households

This is a significant issue when relocating a complete house or office. Packing households are full of stress and a lengthy process of relocation. Professional packers and movers in Cuttack provide their trained packers to pack your valuables.

A trained packer with experience and expertise in household packing. And, packers movers provide additional packaging materials to pack your goods. Packaging materials have enough potential to protect your items from scratch and shock while relocating.

And top movers packers in Cuttack have the right packaging materials and advanced packing techniques that boost the safety of the goods. We furnish world-class top packaging materials and professional packers at your doorstep to handle the task of packing households goods.

Searching for Human Resources

Another major issue is finding potential human resources to handle shifting while shifting a house or office from one place to another. Moving households is not a single-handle job, and it requires at least 3/4 members. To complete relocation needs some people to help with your tasks like cleaning, packing with packaging materials, loading on the trucks, etc. And there is another issue is after moving to the new destination you need again find some people to unload or reassemble your goods.

And searching for those potential human resources is not an easy job. Best movers and packers in Cuttack will provide end-to-end shifting service by adding their workforce. We will manage your whole packing to unloading procedure on both sides like your old and new destination. You can relocate your household’s goods through transportation services in Cuttack without lifting a single finger.

Finding Vehicle For Transportation

People face issues hiring a perfect vehicle for transportation; you can hire many vehicles in the local market for your relocation. But many of them are suit for household shifting. There is a high probability that your household may be damaged during transportation due to inaccurate vehicle choices. And most probably, hiring a vehicle may hit your pocket hard.

As a moving company in Cuttack, they will provide their transport chain and vehicle to relocate your households. You can also save a lot of money by picking the right packers and movers in Cuttack. Also, we look at the vehicle condition and deploy an authorized motorist who will be answerable for the relocation.

Relief From the Risk

Individual shifting contains many risks like managing complete relocation, managing the budget, household packing, searching for a vehicle and human resources, etc. After that, there is no guarantee that you will receive your households in good condition.

As a top packers and movers Cuttack, it will provide world-class complete relocation services like packing, moving, loading, transporting, unloading, reassembling, etc. Besides that, we furnish insurance to enhance the protection of your households. Merging all those services will lessen your risk of relocation for hassle-free relocation.

Complete Moving Service for Cuttack City.

A well established relocation company in Cuttack provide a complete package of packing and moving services, including packing your households to deliver to your destination safely. Here are the services that we offer to each customer

  • Packing your households with the suitable packaging materials
  • Loading of your households in the vehicle in the right way
  • We provide the required vehicle for transportation ( Small trucks, Big trucks, etc.)
  • Professionals will unload your valuables and reassemble/ unpack them at your destination. (Loading and unloading service)
  • Provide home relocation and office relocation service.
  • Vehicle shifting service where you provide car shifting and bike shifting service.
  • Pet shifting service (Our professional will can your pet by taking proper care)
  • We are also shifting plants.
  • Provide insurance for extra protection to your precious items
  • Warehouse service for storing your goods for an extended period
  • Live tracking facility to your goods.

FAQ on Packers and Movers Cuttack:

What are the best packers and movers in Cuttack?

The best packers and movers mean they should offer you a quality service with honest support. Apart from this, we have to consider multiple factors into consideration before announcing the best packers. Here are the top 5 packers and movers in Cuttack considering hundreds of factors:

1 – Cloud Packers and Movers Pvt Ltd
2 – Agarwal Packers and Movers
3 – Leo Packers and Movers
4 – Hindustan packers and Movers
5 – Rudra Packers and movers

How to Select Best Packers and Movers in Cuttack?

If you are looking for the best packers and movers in Cuttack and hustling to find one, here is a guide. We made this guide by analyzing all the aspects of the packers and mover working procedure. Many packing and moving companies are claimed to be the best in the market, but in reality, those companies can put you in a challenging situation. Follow this guide

Step 1: First find some of the genuine packers and movers on the internet

Step 2: Then shortlist some of them by checking their social media status and Google my business reviews

Step 3: Check those company TIN, GST no, and other Govt. certificates (to avoid fake packers and movers )

Step 4: Then get a free quotation by sharing your mobile number and name

Step 5: Talk with those shortlisted packers and moves in Cuttack and share your budget and households details

Step 6: Visit their physical offices (Don’t choose any packers and movers that don’t have any physical office)

Step 7: Ask about the relocation cost and try to negotiate 

Step 8: Don’t forget to ask about the additional charges and hidden costs before hiring

Step 9: Then comparing those packers and movers services and prices select one of them 

Before hiring any packers and movers, we suggest you check your moving cost by simply inputting your details. Cloud packers and movers provide a moving cost calculator. You can check your relocation cost without talking to any packers and movers in Cuttack.

How Packers and Movers work in Cuttack?

As you know, we have been providing a wide range of services. It deals with houses, offices, bikes, cars, pets, plants, warehouses, etc. And here is the descriptive summary of how we work and operate our services in Cuttack. 

§  First Contact: You first need to connect with us via the website or any other resources to get a human interaction about your house or office relocation. 

§ Pre-Move Survey: After connecting with us, our professional will conduct a free pre-move survey by visiting your doorstep. At that time, our experts will analyze each item that will move to your new destination. 

§  Quotation: You will get a quote after looking forward to each item at your home/office. We will disclose your exact relocation cost and finalize your moving date in this quote. 

§  Packing & Loading on the pickup point: Packers and movers Cuttack will pack your households at your home in front of you and load them on the transport vehicle.

§  Insurance & Document Formalities: After completing your packing and Loading, we will work on some paperwork where we collect data on all of your packed items and move forward to your insurance paperwork.

§  Transportation: Then we will start your transportation process where we concern the truck driver about your household (Driver will understand your household and take the respective decision about vehicle speed)

§  Unloading & Unpacking: Professional will handle your unloading and unpacking process after households arrive at the destination. They carefully unload each item and unpack each one in front of you to avoid misunderstanding. 

§  Quality Assurance Check: After successfully delivering your household, our executives go through the quality assurance check, where they check each item’s quality ( Broken, scratched, etc.)

What is the cost of packers and movers Cuttack?

The moving cost will differ by multiple factors such as the no of items with total distance, type of packing material and type of vehicle used. The date of relocation, weight and dimension also control the moving cost. Here is a pricing table with approximately the shifting cost of goods.

Shifting ItemLocal Moving 0-100 Km100 – 400 Km400 – 800 Km800 – 1500 Km1500 – 2500 Km
Few Items₹ 2000 – 7500₹ 2750 – 9000₹ 3400 – 10000₹ 4500 – 11000₹ 5000 – 12000
1 BHK₹ 3750 – 10000₹ 11750 – 17200₹ 13650 – 19800₹ 15750 – 25400₹ 17500 – 30000
2 BHK₹ 5500 – 14700₹ 15900 – 25800₹ 18500 – 29300₹ 21450 – 33900₹ 25400 – 38700
3 BHK₹ 7500 – 19000₹ 19900 – 31500₹ 24600 – 34900₹ 27800 – 36100₹ 29900 – 39900
2 WheelerNA₹ 3750 – 5500₹ 4750 – 6500₹ 5750 – 7500₹ 6750 – 8500
4 WheelerNA₹ 5500 – 7750₹ 8500 – 14750₹ 11500 – 18750₹ 13500 – 23750
Small Office₹ 10000 – 25000₹ 21500 – 39900₹ 29900 – 49900₹ 34900 – 55900₹ 39000 – 59900
Medium Office₹ 20000 – 50000₹ 29900 – 49900₹ 34900 – 55900₹ 39000 – 59900₹ 49500 – 85700
Large Office₹ 40000 – 100000Contact for PricingContact for PricingContact for PricingContact for Pricing
How much time do packers and movers in Cuttack take to pack a house?

The process of packing and moving is a bit crucial and time depends on the number of items you want to pack. The packing process and the goods nature is the major factor that controls the timing. Please find the below time table for reference:

Shifting ItemMen PowerTimes in Hours
Few Items1 Professional1 – 2 Hours
1 BHK3 Professional4 – 6 Hours
2 BHK4 Professional5 – 8 Hours
3 BHK5 Professional6 – 10 Hours
2 Wheeler2 Professional1- 1.5 Hours
4 Wheeler1 Professional1 – 1.5 Hours
Small Office4 Professional7 – 9 Hours
Medium Office7 Professional10 – 12 Hours
Large Office11 Professional11 – 24 Hours
Do packers and movers Cuttack pack everything?

Packers and movers is a professional team who can pack and moves all kind of used and old household goods from any part to another part of the world. Good packers and movers also pack every item except these items:

Gas cylinders, explosive items, liquid Items, cash, Jewelry, etc. are not moved by professional packers and movers.

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