100+ Awesome House Name Ideas in Hindi

House name ideas in Hindi means giving name to your home with your own creativity. House name means to give specific identity to home, premises, and property address.  In the past, when a person decides to construct a house, he just construct it and lived in it. He did not think further about giving any name to his home like in the present situation. In that situation, people are not aware of what is giving a name to their home. People used to live in their houses with unknown home names.

They have no problem if they do not give any name to their house, but now giving a name to their houses is just like a fashion among people. In the present situation, it becomes a very common thing to give a proper name to their house. It is a nice way to summarize your whole house. It should be eye catchy that easily understood by other people. This will also reflect the person’s true identity as well as his personality. It is a way to present your home in front of others. It should be clear, concise, and easily understandable.

 Don’t choose any complex words while choosing the name idea for your home in Hindi. It also boosts the standard of living of people as well as it means if you mentioned the name to your property, it means it is under the ownership of your property. Giving a name also acts as a blessing to home and keeps away from any bad spirit and as it is like a tikka on the forehead. It is also a matter of luck. If a person wants to identify or locate a particular house then he just has to remember the name of the home and find the home easily.

Some house name ideas in Hindi  which are clearly enlisted below

House name ideas in Hindi

Here are the 100+m house name ideas in Hindi that you can apply in your home. And after that we mentioned a process where you can generate yourself some cool and unique house names.

  1. Jannat
  2. Ashirwad
  3. Jlsa
  4. Swarg
  5. Ram Niwas
  6. Sheesh Mahal
  7. Hawa Mahal
  8. Shanti Niwas
  9. Swarn Bhawan
  10. Modi Niwas
  11. Punnet Niwas
  12. Krishn Ghar
  13. Shub Aavaas
  14. Shanti ghrah
  15. Shanti Niketan
  16. Chaaya Niwas
  17. Guru Kirpa
  18. Geeta Niwas
  19. Shub Laab
  20. Atithi Niwas
  21. Vird  Ashram
  22. Neel kawal
  23. Ayodhaya Chat
  24. Shiganiya Niwas
  25. Ayushwan Niwas
  26. Jyoti Bhawan
  27. Hemekunt niwas
  28. Raj Mahal
  29. Gopal Niwas
  30. Seema Niwas
  31. Shaanti grah
  32. Graah paavesh
  33. Shri Genesh
  34. Andeeri Niwas
  35. Gopal Graah
  36. Hari Mandir
  37. Gopi Kishan
  38. Shri Krishna Niwass
  39. Genesh Kunj
  40. Sehgal Niwas
  41. 41Gupta  Ashiyana
  42. Anil jain
  43. Su Swagtam
  44. Amber
  45. Guru Nivas
  46. Santosham
  47. Vrindavan
  48. Shivshakti
  49. Parkash Sthan 
  50. kapoor Niwas
  51. Ajay and Aditi Gupta
  52. Shri Hari Niwas
  53. Mittal Niwas
  54. Singaniyas
  55. Gukul Dham 
  56. Acharya’s
  57. Shubam Niwas
  58. Anugrah
  59. Vidya Sthan
  60. DurgaMati
  61. Aparshakti
  62. Prem Ratan
  63. Ashiyana
  64. Lakshmi Grah
  65. Sai Niwas
  66. Shub Maglam
  67. SitaRam
  68. Ashish Bhawan
  69. Dwarika Dhessh
  70. Sooryavanshi
  71. Ghar Sansar
  72. Amanaat
  73. Aasra
  74. Ehsass
  75. khaab
  76. Anupama Niwas
  77. Patel Niwas
  78. Partiksha
  79. Gagan
  80. Advik
  81.  Bhoomika
  82. Manasa
  83. Badal
  84. Suryadev
  85. Chatanya
  86. Upasana
  87. Lakahya
  88. Akshaya
  89. Om Niwas
  90. Akshar
  91. Dwarika 
  92. Rithu
  93. Param Green
  94. Sathvik
  95. Dhruv
  96. Niwas
  97. Shri Samran
  98. Nadndani Farm’                                   

Way to choose correct name for house

1.Name of the House on the Behalf of the Person Identity

 House name idea should be suggested on the name of a head person like Ram Niwas, Shivam niwas, Krishna cottage, and many more examples of naming the house. The name of the house furnished the true identity of people in the society. By remembering the name of a person’s house, it can be easily relocated as well as it is very convenient and trouble-free to find any address.

2.Naming Should be According to Society

 It matters in naming the house that a person lived in which type of society. Indian society has been divided into tribal, rural, and urban societies. It means the name of the house which are registered under Indian law. The name should be given according to the resident of the person in the above discus societies.

3.House Names Should be According to Status

 The status of the person also matters while deciding the name of the house. People of high status decide their house name according to their name and fame. For Example, Salman khan is a very famous actor and gives his name to his home as the galaxy. Mostly, he is known by his house name. Sharukh khan gives their name to his house as Mannat which is very popular among people. Amitab Bachan gives a name to their home as jalsa.

4.Giving Name Idea in Hindi Should be According to the Size of the House

 It should also be decided according to the size of the home. If a person lived in a bungalow then it should be considered as Mahal, Bhawan. For example, Swarn Bhawan, Raj Mahal, Hawa Mahal  Mainly, these types of houses are found in areas of Rajasthan, Jaipur. They are big and built-in a large area. Sometimes marriages also took place in these mahals according to Jaipuri rituals.

5.Naming the House with their Unique Meaning

 Giving name according to their unique meaning play a vital role in understanding the type of person who lived in the home. It should be attractive that a person understands the identity of people according to the unique name of their home. For example, if the name of the house is a haven, it means it is a place of safety. It is the very popular name for house and it is the symbol of peace, calm, and prosperity.

6.It Should be According to Vastu Shastra

 Astrologists play important role in identifying the name of the house according to the stars. Some people withdraw their home name from the Astrologist which means according to Vastu shastra. It also acts as your luck. If some Astrogist suggests some name for the house, there should be a reason behind it. The example of the name which is mainly astrology suggests that such as Ashirwad, Mannat, and many more. It also acts as a blessing of  God.

7.Naming should be According to Caste, Region

 Some people believed that the name ideas for the house should be according to one’s caste and region. Examples of Sikh family home names are Sultan And Sikkinder which king of the family. Christan people give names to their home by Krishna cottage, Rose cottage, The coach, etc. But it should be taken care of the mind that it should not hurt any sentiments of any religion.

8.Housing Name Ideas in Hindi According to Occupation

 People also give the name to their home after acquiring high occupation. For example, when a person reached a high-level position, then he will decide to change his name by mentioning their job level also. It may be like this Sandeep Kumar(Accountant), Sohan Singh(Senior Manager), Priya Sharma(Teacher).

9.Give Name According to Category

 There may be some categories of giving the name to the house. For example, If a person lives in flats, Apartments then they will be categorized in some subcategories like 1(a),1(b). And people having with same name also category, for example, two people who lived in the same apartment with the same name.

10.House Names Idea That Add Value.

 House name will also add value to your personality. It means if you put a suffix on your name like Sh., Shmt., Miss, Mrs., Mr., then it will add value and easily identify your gender. As well as your present status. The name of your house is like a  first impression on others. Its uniqueness decides your personality.

11.Name Which is According to the Theme

 For example, If any house is for orphanages then in the house it should specially mention orphanages there and if it is for aged people then the name of the house clearly defines the house for this.  It should be easy to understand, clear and concise, don’t use any complex words while choosing the word name.

12.House Name Idea in Hindi  should be generated  according to the rules and regulations of the Government

 Rules and regulations also matter in deciding a name for your house. The name of your home will be your permanent residence address and should be according to the rules and regulations and registered under the government.. There may be chances of occurrence of a dispute in the future if you do not follow the guidelines of the government.

Overall, while choosing a name for our home take care of necessary instructions and guidelines. Choose appropriate words as well as symbols for defining the house. All the requirements should be followed before labeling the name of the house as well no abusive language should be used while determining the name of the house. A dream home in which all the memories are related to the family, they spend their all-time there and live a long life, giving a name to home is an integral part of giving value to the home. People talk about their home with their own home identity.

 They also talk about the uniqueness of the name of the home, with its meaning. It may famous in the town and also give value to its member who lived in the home. It also describes the type of family living in the home as well as their religion also described. The head of the family is also identified by the name which is mentioned in the front of the home with the home name. If any celebrity gives a name it would be famous around the world, which means if a celebrity is famous then their house name also be famous.

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 At the last, it should be said that when a person gives a name to their home it is completed at that date. It shows the personal identity of a person and boosts the value in society as well as tells us the present status of the people. We can also get familiar with the present occupation of the person if he adds up with the name of te house. It also can be decided according to the size of the house and it has some unique meaning that suits its best, Moreover, it also divided into categories where needed like in flats, Apartments.

Idea must be according to the religion that one can easily know about the religion of the person, and Astrologist plays a very significant role in determining the name of according to the stars of the people. Simple wording should be used and not to copied with the other name.

 If a home name idea in Hindi  should be according to the theme, it would be better to understand them for what motive is the home constructed?

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