Disadvantages of the Chimney in the Kitchen

Nowadays in the era of technological advancement, the kitchen chimney is a part and parcel of all homes. All house owners prefer to use a chimney in their kitchen to keep the place clean. Chimney in the kitchen keeps all the grease and oils away from the kitchen. Tiles or marbles in the kitchen get a long life due to cleanliness. Mainly in the winter places, people prefer to use chimneys in their kitchens to keep all the odors out of their homes. Above all, nowadays all the homes are air-conditioned. A kitchen chimney in the home helps in having a better ventilation system. Still, at present many house makers are requiring different kinds of better advancements with chimneys for different kinds of fire hazards or other technological issues. It’s the basic reason for the popularity of kitchen chimneys. We all know about the advantages of a kitchen chimney where as now we are going to discuss its disadvantages of the Chimney. 

What are the disadvantages of chimney in Kitchen?

kitchen chimney Disadvantage

Cleaning-related hazards:

Most kitchen chimneys are utilized during the frying of food. It is also utilized during frying and cooking to absorb oily smoke and grease. In the kitchen chimney, there is a lower part that keeps the oil in liquid form. In some chimneys, it is observed in the bowl or tray shape. It is a daily or alternate duty of the kitchen user to vacate the tray. Otherwise, that oil may spoil the cooking. It is hazardous when this bowl is situated within the chimney in some models. In those chimneys, you need to provide sufficient time to clean the chimneys properly. Initially, you need to learn the outer shell dismantling process. Otherwise, you need to call the customer care people to help you. 

Installing issues:

Initially, you need to carry the entire hassles of chimney installation in the kitchen. In the wall, you are required to make a hole to go through the pipe. Still, during installation, there is a great risk of electricity or fire-related accidents. Till now, kitchen chimneys are not available in a portable mode. To continue the entire installation system you are required to take help from your plumber, electric mechanics, and others. So, this is one of the main issues that you need help from other people for its mantling and dismantling. After the installation of a kitchen chimney, if you want to relocate to another destination, it may be a hassle for you to dismantle and carry the parts, pipes, and others.  Above all, it needs a lot of effort to continue all the cleaning activities by itself or by calling the company service persons. 

Costly enough with monthly charges:

Still, now there is no such company to launch the kitchen chimney in a low-cost range. As a result, it’s hard enough to buy according to the kitchen size. Monthly electricity cost is another concern. It’s not a disadvantage but still, it’s an issue. The maintenance cost of the kitchen chimney is high. In some cases, you are required to clean it by company service persons. After 2 to 3 free services it will be paid. From that time it’s been costly from all corners. 

Noise development:

Kitchen chimneys always create a bitter buzzing noise. Tolerating that noise for a long time may hamper our hearing power. Secondly, there is the development of headaches due to such noise. We can’t hear the sound of other family members due to the kitchen chimney. There is no silencer system incorporated into the kitchen chimney to reduce or stop the sound. 

Heat generation:

Due to the absorption of greasy oil, chimney smoke, and others, there is the incorporation of heat in the kitchen. Sometimes this heat is soothing in the winter provinces. Still spending a lot of time in front of the gas oven and kitchen chimney creates a headache. Even it is the player who creates high blood pressure, blurry vision, nausea feelings, and others. This chimney emitted heat is radiated heat which also incurs a detrimental effect on human skin texture. So, it is highly crucial to maintain a cooking coat, face mask, and spectacles while cooking in front of the kitchen chimney. 

Fire accidents:

Above all, this kitchen chimney is made up of electric wiring and fire wires. Here if you want to make some changes in the wiring or some basic mechanism, it may create large-scale fire accidents. 

Adverse effects on kids:

This kitchen chimney harms the kids’ hearing power and skin texture. To avoid all kinds of accidents, it is required to place the chimney out of the kids’ reach. Some gasses are emitted from chimney in kitchen. Sometimes it develops breathing trouble among kids. 


There are different kinds of disadvantages related to the kitchen chimney. Issues are found in its maintenance, installation, utilization, and electricity consumption. Due to its robust shape and structure, it’s hard to relocate also. Still to keep the kitchen room live, clean, and greased free we need to install a chimney. Proper actions are required to take for cleaning and dismantling kitchen chimneys. It is normally placed above a height that is not reachable normally for children. With disadvantages, there is a broad spectrum of advantages of chimneys in the kitchen. So, we need to use a kitchen chimney but that should be with proper caring. To avoid disadvantages we should read the manuals given with the chimney during purchasing it. We should study how to handle the gadget with care and it will give us a broad insight into the utilization of kitchen chimneys avoiding its disadvantages. 

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