Easy Steps: How to Delete Zee5 Account in 2 Minutes

Here in this post, we are going to discuss related to how to delete the zee5 account. Because most of us are creating the zee5 account but don’t know the perfect method to delete the zee5 account. So, first, we start with how to create zee5 account because might be you also want to know how to create zee5 account. As well as also what is zee5. So, let’s start today’s hot topic on how to delete zee5 account.

What is zee5?

First, let’s discussed what is zee5 and why you create an account on zee5. So, basically, zee5 is a premium-based Indian subscription video demand and over the world gives the best streaming service. And here you can find different plans related to the zee5 subscription. And they will launch this service in India on February 14, 2018. Also, the amazing fact about this service is that you can see any show in different 12 languages. You can find this service on different platforms like iOS, web, Android, and also you can watch it on your Tv. In 2019 zee5 have 56 million active users on its platform. 

There is different service you can get after buying the subscription to zee5. So, there are some examples like Crunchyroll, Sony LIV, Anime on Demand, Zee Entertainment Enterprises, Wakanim, and, VRV. You can also watch these shows with your zee5 subscription. There are also different channels available like Zee Tv HD, Zee Marathi HD, Zee Yuva, &Tv HD, etc. There are 90+ channels are available on this platform. You can find a 24/7 streaming service on this platform. If you are thinking to buy a subscription to zee5 premium then also it will find.

But some time after your zee5 subscription is over and you don’t want to continue or not purchase again. So, now there is a situation to delete your zee5 account. So, now you have a question that how you can delete zee5 account. But there are also two types of situations if you want to remain your account but remove your subscription and you want to delete your account from the zee5 platform. Then we discussed all your problems discussed and solved them. 

But let’s first discuss the basic problem and their solution once you purchased the zee5 subscription then they will ask for your e-mail id. And, after expired your activated subscription plan then they can mail for the best offer or anything new that comes on their platform. But if you are irritate by their mail then please simply unsubscribe then and don’t think to remove the zee5 account. This is one possible solution to your basic problem related to deletion or deactivating the zee5 account.

So, first, if you come here to know some interesting information then lets if you want to create an account on zee5 then which steps do you follow, and how to buy a subscription it’s all you can find here. 

How to create account on zee5?

  • First, go to zee5 official website or download their official application.
  • Now first you need to create your account or sign up on their platform.
  • On the top of the corner click on profile/account.
  • Select the edit button after that edit your information according to your preference.
  • Now click on the save button and that’s finished your profile setup stage.

Now, this is all about creating a profile and set up your account in zee5. Now after that, if you create an account then might be you want to buy a subscription on zee5. So, let’s follow the steps to buy a subscription according to your budget. 

  • First, go to the official website or download the official app
  • After that if you have not created an account on zee5 then follow the above steps to create an account or if you already have a login then enter your credential and enter in apps/website.
  • Now after that go to the top corner of the app and select the option of buying a plan.
  • After that you can see the different plans so select according to your suit or according to your needs.
  • After selecting the plan now is time for payment. You find different payment options like online payment, credit card or debit cart, etc. 
  • Once your payment is done successfully then you can see the page of successful payment.
  • Now your subscription purchase process is complete now you can enjoy your pack up to your validity or expiry date.

So that’s all about how to purchase the zee5 subscription. Now let’s take deep dive into your problem. First, we discuss if you want to delete or deactivate the subscription plan on zee5 and after that, we provide the information related to how to delete the zee5 account? But if you don’t want to do anything from that then first you read the above the simple solution to your problem.

How to deactivate or cancel your subscription plan and get refund?

Here first, lets suppose you purchased the zee5 premium plan but you now don’t want them.  So, what happen if you want to deactivate your plan in between your validity. So, follow steps and get the solution of this problem. 

Using the Website of zee5

  • Open a browser and go to the official website of zee5.
  • After that login into your account and be redirected to your account.
  • Click on the top of the corner and select profile.
  • Now you can see the My Subscription button click on that.
  • Below that you see the cancelled subscription click on that.
  • And on the last step press yes to cancel the subscription.
  • After following all the steps perfectly you can successfully delete your subscription plan.

Using Application of zee5

  • First, download the official app from the play store or Appstore.
  • Now login into your account and be redirected to your account.
  • After press on the More menu button and go to the profile or account section.
  • You will see my subscription click on that.
  • Select the cancel renewal option to deactivate your plan.
  • After selecting that you will see pop up and you select the agree option and after that press yes.
  • Now follow all the successful steps you can deactivate your subscription plan.

So that’s all about deactivating your subscription plan. Let’s move forward and take you another problem is how to delete zee5 account. There are different methods to delete your account.

Different ways to delete zee5 account:

Now there are different method to delete your zee5 account. But remember one thing that directly you can’t delete your account. First, you account will be deactivated for some particular time and after that your account will be deleted and you get the confirmation deletion your account from e-mail or message. Let’s listed all methods.

  1. Delete your account using e-mail
  2. Delete your account on website of zee5
  3. Delete your account using application of zee5
  4. Last option is deleted account in customer chat.

Now we discuss all the method one-by-one and also provide the solution of that. So, you can applied any ways according to your suit. 

Delete Your Account using E-mail:

This option might be some of you are preferred. Because, some of don’t have skills to mail any company. And most of we all are not use much e-mail communication in our daily life. But don’t worry I can provide sample demo where you only change your information and mail on their contact email. And when you mail then wait for some days and you get one received mail for your related queries and if they find any queries then they will contact you and give them right information.

Now below we provide one sample e-mail demo that how you can e-mail on zee5 contact e-mail and this is good practice and professional technique to contact them.

Demo Related to Contact zee5 contact team via e-mail

Subject: Request to delete my Zee5 account

Respected Zee5 Team,

I created Zee5 account for buy a subscription and watch your popular show and I used for that my email address is <Your E-mail Address Which you used for that> and now my Zee5 account user name is <Your Username>

Now I don’t want to use much more I am done from my side and I want to delete my name from your database record so I request to delete my account and clear all the information related to me. Below I also provide some basic information that I used when I create an account on Zee5.

Name: <Your Name>

Phone Number: <Your Mobile Number>

E-Mail Account: <Your E-mail Address>

Your Regards,

Now using above format e-mail, you can contact zee5 team and tell them your issue. After reviewing your application, they can contact again if you find any mistake in your information then they will ask for give updated information. So, you give update information and they will deactivate your account. Now we discuss other solution which is using website of zee5.

Delete your account using zee5 website:

Now this is another solution of deactivate your account. So, follow steps which are used to delete your account. And you can perform this task on web as well as in mobile browser. 

  • First, open zee5 website in your web browser.
  • Using your credential log in on their portal.
  • After that as we said above go to the account.
  • And you find setting option in that and click on that.
  • In setting you can see the logout or delete account. Click on that.
  • Now you can successfully delete or deactivate your account.

So that’s all the steps you follow to delete your zee5 account. And using this process you can solve your question that how to delete zee5 account. Now there is same process you follow using mobile application of zee5. But anyways we also discuss that and you can do it. So, let’s go forward with another solution of your problem.

Delete your account using zee5 mobile application:

As we above said that this is the same process as you follow in website. But if you use a mobile application then no problem you only follow guidelines and successfully you solve your problem.

  • First, you download application of zee5.
  • After that using your credential log in on your zee5 account.
  • Now press on the more menu and go to your profile section.
  • After that as we said you find one setting option click on that.
  • Go to setting and press on the deactivate button to deactivate your account.
  • Now press on the yes and might be they will ask for user name and password to verify that you are authorize person.

After done all the steps you can easily deactivate your zee5 account. Now as I say above that directly you can’t delete your account first you deactivate your account and after particular time, they will send successful e-mail to delete your account. So, that’s all about the delete your account using mobile application of zee5. Below there is one last method using customer care number. But if you find any other solution then you can contact us and tell us.

Delete Your account using talk in customer chat:

Now sometimes it’s better to call with customer care number. Because they will give accurate solution related to your question. So first, you chat with customer care. Let’s follow the steps.

  • First open zee5 website in your browser and logged in your account.
  • Go to end of the page in website where you find help center click on that.
  • Now after that press on the message and you can message with your query that how to delete zee5 account.
  • Or you can simply type that delete my zee5 account as a problem statement.
  • Now might be possible that they will say to follow above steps so don’t afraid and follow them.

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So that’s all about how to delete zee5 account. I give my best to explain all the things in deeply and very easily. Now after following any of the process, you should deactivate your account and after sometimes they will delete that. 

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