Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Games.

The online gaming industry is blossoming after the smartphone revolution. A study said 65% of smartphone users play online games in their daily life. Let’s explore a few advantages and disadvantages of online games.

Advantages of Online Games:

  1. An online game is for entertainment purposes no yes the first benefit is it entertains us.
  2. Also, benefits for those who are disabled, they can enjoy their life in their own way.
  3. It helps in releasing stress and reduces tension.
  4. An online game we can consider as an extra co-curricular activity also.
  5. Online games help in skill development such as memory, concentration, and analytical skills that add to your overall mental enrichment.
  6. Online games keep us enhanced and sometimes introduce us to smart people.
  7. Some online games are played with a team which improve our teamwork and improve communication.
  8. Help in social interaction to some extent.
  9. Learning is another scope that can be possible by some online games.
  10. Lastly some time, we can earn from the online game.

Disadvantages of Online Games:

  1. Waste of time.
  2. Sometimes kids spend some amount on online games.
  3. It may have a very bad impact on the eye.
  4. It can make you less sleepy.
  5. Addiction to the online game is another concern that needs to consider.
  6. It also distracts you from your goal or focus also.
  7. Physical health is also a major issue that we can ignore.
  8. Some unsafe games may raise the question about your phone security.
  9. The online game has a major impact on student and their study also.
  10. Lastly, it uses our resources like, power, money and Bandwidth which we can consider as a disadvantage of online games.

Everything has some positive and negative impacts so do online games. It totally depends on how you are going to take online games in your life.

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