can we shift house while pregnant?

In the current era, people consider relocation and shifting to a superior home estate with better space and amenities to prepare for the baby. But still, there are multiple concerns while shifting the house during pregnancy. Multiple research studies have mentioned the adverse impact of trauma and stress of house shifting during initial pregnancy period on the fetus’s health. It mentions multiple consequences relevant to pregnancy, such as small size babies, lower birth weight, premature birth, etc.

According to the research and data assessment, house shifting increases the risk of low birth weight by 37 percent, 42 percent increases the risk of preterm childbirth, and 9 percent risk of childbirth of small size. Although it is an experimental survey, accurate reasons for the result are not established. But it efficiently provides an aspect to analyze about can we shift house while pregnant?

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Can we Shift House While Pregnant

Core Issues For House Shifting In Pregnancy

Multiple issues occur while relocating the house, which confuses women about whether can we shift house while pregnant? These issues are quite serious for a pregnant woman. Below are some of the prominent issues listed with the risk to mitigate them efficiently. Let us have a look: 

Medical Care

Medical care is prominent support during pregnancy. Hence, it is crucial visiting your doctor to consult about house shifting and preventive measures. It will clear the confusion about can we shift house while pregnant? And provide you with an accurate idea. Collect the brief knowledge about the routes to reach the OB-GYN’s clinic to reach when it is needed. It is advised to ensure and arrange the emergency medical care services available in the novel neighborhood area.

Physical Pressure

During pregnancy, there is additional production of the Relaxin hormone, which supports the loosening of the body’s ligaments. In this case, the women’s body already carries extra weight with certain situations like excessive posture adjustments and liquid retention.

Hence, house shifting causes risky pressure and postures, which can result in ligament damage in case of any negligence. Moreover, there is an additional risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, joint complications, and back pain, such as handling packaging and lifting. Specialists advise to use the knees and hip joints to lift objects to avoid extra pressure on the back. You must also try lifting and moving light weights and small objects at a single time. Restrict to carry of bulky and heavy loads.

Mental Tension

While the house relocation, multiple tasks related to loading, packaging, and organizing the household stuff needs lots of supervision constantly. This overcrowding and clutter results in acute psychological and physical strain.Take maximum rest and time to do things. Planning will help you to pack the essentials while maintaining the loading synchronized. It is advised to take regular breaks to relax your body. Planning and dividing the work will help to sort and declutter the stuff.

Mental State During Pregnancy

There is a significant change in the mental state during pregnancy. Women might feel forgetful, inattentive, and fuzzy, which is medically referred to as pregnancy brain. Pregnant women usually confront mental slow down and psychological lethargy while handling multiple small chores while relocating. Specialists advise to take optimum sleep to relax the over-cluttered and crowded mind. Try doing the light tasks. 

Tips For Safe House Shifting While Relocation

Plenty of medical specialists provide essential tips to follow while moving into a new place. Below are some medically acclaimed and approved tips that help pregnant women follow safety and health practices while shifting. Let us discuss it in brief:  

Bending And Lifting Safety Practices:

The pregnant body produces additional hormone Relaxin, which helps to loosen the muscles and ligaments, which help in labor. And during house shifting involves, posture adjustments, carrying additional weight, and unusual bending can impact you adversely. It usually builds up more uncertainty about whether can we shift house while pregnant?

Hence, it is necessary to move smaller, lighter things frequently. Specialist highly recommends pregnant women to wear carpal tunnel wrist splints and supporting belts which help in increasing balanced and stable practices for the body. In addition, supportive and relaxing shoes with shock absorption arch support will help in safe movement. 

Take Time To Pack Stuff: 

It is advised to start the sorting and small packing in advance, which helps you take consistent, relaxing breaks. According to the specialist, pregnant women must rest every half an hour. It helps with physical and mental relaxation. Putting the feet and toes up essentially helps with proper blood circulation. Avoid standing for long intervals; it can further lead to lower limb pain and swelling.

Prevent From Toxic Substances: 

Use the special and toxin-free pregnancy and kids-friendly cleaning supplies for last-moment house cleaning. Strictly avoid harsh chemicals, toxicities, paint, glue fumes, dust, and strong fragrance. 

Consult The Specialist Initially: 

Consulting the medical specialist while house relocation during pregnancy is the most necessary step to follow. According to the specialist, before you even think about picking up an object, analyze your safety practices before participating. Then, follow the specialist’s instructions in case of any risks and complications of preterm labor or lower body weight.

Prepare the special movement day-kit.

Pregnant women must bring something for sitting and resting during the house relocation. A special day kit with some healthy snacks and electrolytes to balance the hydration levels and blood sugar is necessary to prepare. It must also have overnight essentials, including toiletries, medications, a phone charger, and some clothes. 

Keep Extra Safety On Stairs: 

Pregnancy falling is the most widespread accident, which frequently occurs due to gravity center shifts. Hence, being careful on stairs while having heavy objects is necessary. Try to avoid strolling up and down stairs. In addition, you must wear special pregnancy shoes with optimum grip and support to avoid accidents and relax your feet.

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These are some of the essential tips to follow while housing relocation. First, it clears your thoughts about whether can we shift house while pregnant? There are multiple biomechanical variations in baby growth during the initial term of pregnancy. Hence, the specialist recommends that pregnant women not deal with excessive stress and panic. It is prominently emphasized that the shifting house must be avoided during a pregnancy instead of a core emergency. In case of any emergency, you must consult the specialist and act as per the advice.

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