200+ Hindi Hotel Name Ideas with its Meaning.

Are you looking for a list of house name ideas for a Hotel in Hindi? Then this article will help you in finding the best name for your hotel. There is a list of awesome Hindi Hotel name ideas which would help you in giving a name to your Hotel.

Importance of Giving Hotel Name

Giving a name to a hotel is an important part of its brand as well as its marketing. It must be attractive and easily understandable by the public. If you are looking for an attractive name for a hotel then this article is going to help you in finding the name for the hotel. Your hotel name will give you the identity of your hotel. If you are in India, especially in the north or east part of India then giving a good hotel name in Hindi will help you to build a brand identity. 

It is very difficult to find a particular name for the hotel which looks attractive and helps in building a reputation for the hotel. You can pick the below-mentioned name that you think is appropriate for your hotel.

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How should we select a Hindi hotel name?

Choosing a hotel name means you have to consider multiple factors such as creativity, strategy, and research. Apart from this, you can select a name as per your geographical region, surrounding religious beliefs, etc. Consider your target audience and the story you want to tell through your hotel or through your food design. A name must describe the features of the Hotel. It means that people can know about hotel facilities, features, and specifications from its name. The name must be given in a manner that the general public will understand easily. In short, we can say that it must be catchy.

Below is the list of some of the new ideas for your Hotel name and you can choose any one from all.

There are some of the best hotels names in Hindi are mentioned below: –

  1. पाँच सितारा होटल (Five Sitara Hotel) – पाँच सितारों वाला होटल – A hotel with five-star facilities.
  2. कोनिका रिज़ॉर्ट (Konika Resort) – खिलोना – A playground or amusement park.
  3. कबाना (Cabanna) – तेज़ी से तेज़ी – Rapidly.
  4. बाथ कैसल (Bath Castle) – स्नानघर – A bathing facility or bathroom.
  5. वॉलमार्ट (Walmart) – खरीदारी करने की जगह – A place for shopping.
  6. पिज़्ज़ा हट (Pizza Hut) – पिज़्ज़ा की दुकान – A shop selling pizza.
  7. बाथ कैसल (Bath Castle) – स्नानघर – A bathing facility or bathroom.
  8. आइलैंड (Island) – जल से घिरा हुआ भू भाग – A piece of land surrounded by water.
  9. माया होटल (Maya Hotel) – मायावी – Mysterious or enchanting.
  10. शाइन होटल (Shine Hotel) – चमकदार – Shiny or radiant.
  11. वूलवर्थ होटल (Woolworth Hotel) – ऊन की दुकान – A shop selling woolen goods.
  12. एम्बेसेडर होटल (Ambassador Hotel) – राजदूत होटल – A hotel where ambassadors may stay.
  13. हैवन स्टार (Heaven Star) – स्वर्गीय तारा – A celestial body associated with paradise.
  14. प्लाज़ा होटल (Plaza Hotel) – चौक – A public square or marketplace.
  15. सिल्वर होटल (Silver Hotel) – चांदी का होटल – A hotel named after the metal silver.
  16. फ्लोरा होटल (Flora Hotel) – पौधों का होटल – A hotel named after plants or flowers.
  17. वेस्टर्न होटल (Western Hotel) – पश्चिमी होटल – A hotel situated in the western part of a city.
  18. ग्रीनलैंड होटल (Greenland Hotel) – हरिताग्र – A hotel named after the icy land of Greenland.
  19. हेरिटेज होटल (Heritage Hotel) – विरासत का होटल – A hotel preserving cultural heritage.
  20. किंग्स होटल (Kings Hotel) – राजाओं का होटल – A hotel fit for kings.
  21. ब्लिस होटल (Bliss Hotel) – आनंद का होटल – A hotel offering supreme happiness or joy.
  22. रोज़ होटल (Rose Hotel) – गुलाब का होटल – A hotel named after the flower rose.
  23. सनफ्लावर होटल (Sunflower Hotel) – सूरजमुखी का होटल – A hotel named after the sunflower plant.
  24. ऑपरा मैंशन (Opera’s Mansion) – ओपेरा का महल – A grand residence associated with opera.
  25. सनीबाथ मैंशन (Sunnybath Mansion) – सनी स्नानघर का महल – A mansion featuring sunny bathrooms.
  26. एंगल्स होटल (Angles Hotel) – कोने का होटल – A hotel situated at an angle or corner.
  27. ब्लू मून होटल (Blue Moon Hotel) – नीले चाँद का होटल – A hotel named after the rare phenomenon of a blue moon.
  28. ग्रैंड किंग होटल (Grand King Hotel) – महान राजा का होटल – A hotel fit for a great king.
  29. रोज़बेरी होटल (Roseberry Hotel) – गुलाबी फल का होटल – A hotel named after the roseberry fruit.
  30. इम्पीरियल होटल (Imperial Hotel) – सार्वभौम – A hotel reflecting imperial or royal grandeur.
  31. कमल होटल (Kamal Hotel) – कमल का होटल – A hotel named after the lotus flower.
  32. फार्महाउस होटल (Farmhouse Hotel) – फार्महाउस का होटल – A hotel styled like a farmhouse.
  33. जैस्मीन होटल (Jasmine Hotel) – जैस्मीन का होटल – A hotel named after the jasmine flower.
  34. रॉयल किंग होटल (Royal King Hotel) – शाही राजा का होटल – A hotel fit for a royal king.
  35. नंदनी फार्म होटल (Nandani Farm Hotel) – नंदनी फार्म का होटल – A hotel situated at Nandani Farm.
  36. कोहिनूर होटल (Kohinoor Hotel) – कोहिनूर का होटल – A hotel named after the famous Kohinoor diamond.
  37. नूर-ए-जहाँ होटल (Noor-e-Jahan Hotel) – जहाँ की रौशनी – A hotel that shines bright like the light of the world.
  38. डायमंड होटल (Diamond Hotel) – हीरे का होटल – A hotel named after the precious gem diamond.
  39. गार्डन स्क्वायर पैलेस (Garden Square Palace) – गार्डन स्क्वायर का महल – A palace located in Garden Square.
  40. स्प्रिंग्स फील्ड (Springs Field) – फव्वारे का मैदान – A field surrounded by springs or fountains.
  41. व्हाइट माउंटेन होटल (White Mountain Hotel) – सफेद पर्वतों का होटल – A hotel located in the White Mountains.
  42. ड्रीम प्लेस (Dream Place) – सपनों की जगह – A place where dreams come true.
  43. क्वेस्ट होटल (Quest Hotel) – खोज का होटल – A hotel where guests embark on a quest for comfort.
  44. सनराइज होटल (Sunrise Hotel) – सूर्योदय का होटल – A hotel named after the beautiful sunrise.
  45. ग्लैमर प्लेस (Glamour Place) – प्रभावशाली स्थान – A place known for its glamorous appeal.
  46. टाज होटल (Taj Hotel) – ताज का होटल – A hotel named after the iconic Taj Mahal.
  47. रायट पैलेस (Rayat Palace) – रायत का महल – A palace belonging to the king or ruler.
  48. अजंता होटल (Ajanta Hotel) – अजंता का होटल – A hotel named after the Ajanta Caves.
  49. मिलेन होटल (Millan Hotel) – मिलन का होटल – A hotel where guests come together for a harmonious experience.
  50. चाया होटल (Chhaya Hotel) – छाया का होटल – A hotel offering comfort and shelter like shade.
  51. येलो प्लाज़ा (Yellow Plaza) – पीला मैदान – A plaza with yellow-themed decor or surroundings.
  52. मूननाइट होटल (Moonnight Hotel) – चाँदनी रात का होटल – A hotel known for its serene ambiance under the moonlight.
  53. सुपरस्टार पैलेस (Superstar Palace) – सुपरस्टारों का महल – A palace fit for superstars, offering luxurious amenities.
  54. ए डेलाइट हेरिटेज (A Delight Heritage) – एक आनंदमय विरासत – A heritage property that brings joy and delight to its guests.
  55. कैंडी सागा पैलेस (Candy Saga Palace) – मिठाई के किस्से का महल – A palace known for its sweet and memorable experiences.
  56. सेवन सीज़ होटल (Seven Seas Hotel) – सात समुद्रों का होटल – A hotel offering hospitality that spans across the seven seas.
  57. होटल हेरिटेज (Hotel Heritage) – होटल की प्राचीनता – A hotel known for preserving and showcasing its historical heritage.
  58. ग्रे शौअर पैलेस (Grey Shower Palace) – धूसरी बौछार का महल – A palace known for its majestic and grand appearance.
  59. शेरिडन होटल (Sheridan Hotel) – शेर का होटल – A hotel known for its strength, resilience, and luxurious accommodations.
  60. प्रेसिडेंट होटल (President Hotel) – राष्ट्रपति का होटल – A hotel fit for a president, offering top-notch services and amenities.
  61. ए बैंक्वेट हॉल (A Banquet Hall) – एक विवाह भवन – A venue known for hosting grand celebrations and events.
  62. सिटी पैलेस (City Palace) – शहर का महल – A palace located in the heart of the city, offering regal accommodations.
  63. क्रिस्टल पैलेस (Crystal Palace) – स्वर्णिम महल – A majestic palace adorned with crystal-clear elegance and luxury.
  64. शहर का महल (City palace) – शहरी राजमहल – A palace nestled amidst the bustling city, offering a royal experience.
  65. रवि पैलेस (Ravi Palace) – सूर्योदय का महल – A palace known for its majestic ambiance, reminiscent of the rising sun.
  66. ओशन्स पैलेस (Oceans Palace) – महासागर का महल – A palace located by the ocean, offering breathtaking views and serene atmosphere.
  67. बेस्ट पॉइंट पैलेस (Best Point Palace) – सर्वश्रेष्ठ स्थान का महल – A palace known for being the best destination for luxury and comfort.
  68. एस होटल (Ace Hotel) – एक्सेलेंस का होटल – A hotel known for its excellence in service and hospitality.
  69. वेस्टपार्क होटल (Westpark Hotel) – पश्चिमी पार्क का होटल – A hotel located in the western part of the city, offering lush greenery and tranquility.
  70. ऑलिव रिसॉर्ट (Olive Resort) – जैतूनी अवकाश गृह – A resort known for its peaceful and rejuvenating ambiance, reminiscent of an olive garden.
  71. साफरन होटल (Saffron Hotel) – केसर का होटल – A hotel known for its opulence and richness, akin to the color and flavor of saffron.
  72. बीच पॉइंट होटल (Beach Point Hotel) – समुद्र तट का होटल – A hotel located at a prime spot by the beach, offering stunning ocean views and relaxation.
  73. माया पुरी रिसॉर्ट (Maya puri Resort) – मायावी आरामदायक स्थल – A resort known for its mystical and serene environment, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.
  74. नेशनल होटल (National Hotel) – राष्ट्रीय होटल – A hotel known for its national-level service and hospitality.
  75. ग्वालियर होटल (Gwalior Hotel) – ग्वालियर का होटल – A hotel located in Gwalior, known for its historical significance and modern amenities.
  76. ग्रेट ग्रैंड रिसॉर्ट (Great Grand Resort) – महान ग्रैंड अवकाश गृह – A grand resort known for its magnificence and luxurious accommodations.
  77. मयापुर पैलेस (Mayapur Palace) – मायापुर का महल – A palace located in Mayapur, known for its architectural beauty and cultural heritage.
  78. आमन रिसॉर्ट (Aman Resort) – शांति और सुकून का अवकाश गृह – A resort known for its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxation.
  79. फोर्ट रिसॉर्ट (Fort Resort) – किले का अवकाश गृह – A resort located in a fort, offering a unique blend of history and luxury.
  80. निगरा होटल (Nigra Hotel) – सुंदरता का होटल – A hotel known for its beauty and elegance, offering a memorable stay experience.
  81. ह्याट प्लाज़ा (Hyatt Plaza) – ह्याट का विशालकाय स्थल – A grand venue by Hyatt, known for its luxurious amenities and world-class service.
  82. आलोमंद पैलेस (Alomand Palace) – आलोमंद का महल – A palace known for its serene ambiance and exquisite architecture.
  83. ड्रीमलैंड रिसॉर्ट (Dreamland Resort) – सपनों का अवकाश गृह – A resort that offers a dream-like experience, perfect for a memorable getaway.
  84. निकोबार प्लाज़ा (Nicobar Plaza) – निकोबार का विशालकाय स्थल – A grand venue located in Nicobar, offering stunning views and luxurious accommodations.
  85. ग्रीन पैलेस (Green Palace) – हरितमहल – A palace surrounded by lush greenery, offering a serene and eco-friendly retreat.
  86. ऑर्किड पैलेस (Orchid Palace) – सुंदरता का महल – A palace known for its beauty and elegance, resembling the delicate and graceful orchid flower.
  87. शुभम होटल (Shubam Hotel) – शुभ की ओर होटल – A hotel known for its auspiciousness and welcoming ambiance, ensuring a pleasant stay experience.
  88. ब्रीज़ होटल (Breez Hotel) – हवा की मिठास वाला होटल – A hotel known for its refreshing breeze and comfortable atmosphere, offering a relaxing stay.
  89. महाराजा पैलेस (Maharaja Palace) – शानदारता का महल – A palace known for its grandeur and royal charm, offering a majestic stay experience.
  90. सरस्वती होटल (Saraswati Hotel) – विद्या और संगीत की देवी की ओर समर्पित होटल – A hotel dedicated to the goddess of knowledge and music, Saraswati, symbolizing wisdom and artistic excellence.
  91. नमस्ते होटल (Namesty Hotel) – आदाब का होटल – A hotel known for its warm hospitality and respectful demeanor, greeting guests with the traditional Indian salutation, “Namaste.”
  92. न्यू होटल (The New Hotel) – नवीनतम होटल – A newly established hotel offering modern amenities and contemporary comforts for a memorable stay.
  93. ब्रिज होटल (Bridge Hotel) – पुल का होटल – A hotel located near a bridge, offering connectivity and convenience for travelers.
  94. गोल्ड पैलेस (Gold Palace) – सोने का महल – A palace known for its opulence and extravagance, resembling the shimmering brilliance of gold.
  95. यूनिटी होटल (Unity Hotel) – एकता का होटल – A hotel symbolizing unity and togetherness, welcoming guests from all walks of life.
  96. डेजायर्ड होटल (Desired Hotel) – वांछित होटल – A hotel fulfilling guests’ desires and preferences, providing a tailored and personalized experience.
  97. आशीर्वाद पैलेस (Aashrivaad Palace) – आशीर्वाद से भरपूर महल – A palace filled with blessings, offering a divine and auspicious atmosphere for guests.
  98. जन्नत पैलेस (Jannat Palace) – स्वर्ग का महल – A palace resembling heaven, offering a serene and blissful retreat for guests.
  99. गैलेक्सी रिसॉर्ट (Galaxy Resort) – ब्रह्मांड का अवकाश – A resort offering an expansive and limitless experience, akin to exploring the vastness of the galaxy.
  100. नाथू पैलेस (Nathu Palace) – नाथु का महल – A palace named after its proprietor, Nathu, known for its hospitality and warmth.
  101. शाइनिंग पॉइंट (Shining Palace) – चमकता हुआ महल – A palace radiating brilliance and splendor, attracting guests with its luminous charm.
  102. गैलेक्सी पॉइंट (Galaxy Point) – ब्रह्मांड का समाप्त बिंदु – A point marking the end of the galaxy, offering a unique and unforgettable experience.
  103. नामस्ते भारत (Namesty Bharat) – नमस्ते का स्वागत है, भारत – A warm welcome to India, greeting guests with the traditional Indian salutation, “Namaste.”
  104. स्वागत (Welcome) – आपका स्वागत है – A warm and cordial welcome to guests, inviting them to experience comfort and hospitality.
  105. सु-स्वागतम पैलेस (Su-Swagtam Palace) – अत्यंत स्वागतम् – A palace offering an extremely warm welcome, ensuring guests feel cherished and valued.
  106. आयना पैलेस (Ayanna Palace) – आयन का महल – A palace reflecting guests’ desires and aspirations, providing a mirror-like experience tailored to their preferences.
  107. मिस्टीरियस पैलेस (Mysterious Palace) – रहस्यमय महल – A palace shrouded in mystery and intrigue, inviting guests to embark on an adventure of discovery.
  108. स्वास्तिक पैलेस (Swastik Palace) – शुभ चिह्न का महल – A palace adorned with the auspicious symbol of Swastika, promising prosperity and well-being to guests.
  109. अनुराग होटल (Anurag Hotel) – प्रेम और समर्थन का होटल – A hotel filled with love and support, offering guests a nurturing and caring environment.
  110. महाजन पैलेस (Mahajan Palace) – बड़े व्यापारी का महल – A palace belonging to a prominent merchant, known for its opulence and grandeur.
  111. माधवन पैलेस (Madhavan Palace) – कृष्ण का महल – A palace named after Lord Krishna, exuding divine grace and charm.
  112. महाराजा पैलेस (Maharaja Palace) – सम्राट का महल – A palace fit for a king, offering royal treatment and majestic accommodations to guests.
  113. सरस्वती होटल (Saraswati Hotel) – विद्या का होटल – A hotel embodying the essence of knowledge and wisdom, fostering a conducive environment for learning and growth.
  114. नमस्ते होटल (Namesty Hotel) – आपका स्वागत है – A hotel extending a warm welcome to guests, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction throughout their stay.
  115. नया होटल (The New Hotel) – नया आवास – A newly established hotel providing fresh and modern accommodations for guests.
  116. पुल होटल (Bridge Hotel) – पुल – A hotel serving as a bridge between travelers and their destination, offering a comfortable and convenient stopover.
  117. सोना पैलेस (Gold Palace) – सोने का महल – A palace adorned with gold, symbolizing wealth, luxury, and grandeur.
  118. एकता होटल (Unity Hotel) – एकता का होटल – A hotel promoting unity and harmony among guests, fostering a sense of camaraderie and togetherness.
  119. इच्छित होटल (Desired Hotel) – इच्छित आवास – A hotel fulfilling guests’ desires and preferences, providing customized services and amenities.
  120. आशीर्वाद पैलेस (Aashrivaad Palace) – आशीर्वाद का महल – A palace showering blessings upon its guests, ensuring their well-being and prosperity.
  121. जन्नत पैलेस (Jannat Palace) – स्वर्ग का महल – A palace resembling paradise, offering guests a heavenly experience filled with bliss and serenity.
  122. गैलेक्सी रिज़ॉर्ट (Galaxy Resort) – ब्रह्मांड का रिज़ॉर्ट – A resort offering an out-of-this-world experience, transporting guests to the cosmic realms of the galaxy.
  123. ग्रेट ग्रैंड रिज़ॉर्ट (Great Grand Resort) – महान ग्रैंड रिज़ॉर्ट – A magnificent resort providing grand accommodations and luxurious amenities for an unforgettable stay.
  124. आमन रिज़ॉर्ट (Aman Resort) – शांति का रिज़ॉर्ट – A resort offering tranquility and peace, allowing guests to rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul.
  125. फोर्च्यून एवेन्यू (Fortune Avenue) – भाग्य का मार्ग – A venue where guests can experience good fortune and success in their endeavors.
  126. होटल एवेन्यू (Hotel Avenue) – होटल का मार्ग – A path leading to a hotel, symbolizing a gateway to comfort, convenience, and hospitality.
  127. सिल्वर लीफ (Silver Leaf) – चांदी की पत्ती – A hotel representing elegance and sophistication, akin to the delicate beauty of a silver leaf.
  128. बेस्ट वेस्टर्न (Best Western) – सर्वोत्तम पश्चिम – A hotel chain known for its excellence in providing Western-style hospitality and amenities.
  129. कंटिनेंटल फूड (Continental Food) – महाद्वीपीय भोजन – A restaurant offering cuisine from the continent, providing a diverse and flavorful dining experience.
  130. बॉलीवुड क्लब (Bollywood Club) – बॉलीवुड क्लब – A club where guests can experience the glitz, glamour, and entertainment of Bollywood culture.
  131. फैंटेसी प्लाजा (Fantasy Plaza) – काल्पनिक प्लाजा – A plaza where guests can indulge in their fantasies and escape into a world of imagination and wonder.
  132. स्टाइल केयर (Style Care) – स्टाइल की देखभाल – A hotel offering meticulous care and attention to style, ensuring guests’ comfort and satisfaction.
  133. सीबर्ड होटल (Seabird Hotel) – समुद्री पक्षी होटल – A hotel overlooking the sea, providing breathtaking views and a serene coastal experience.
  134. सीसाइड प्लाजा (Seaside Plaza) – समुद्र तटीय प्लाजा – A plaza situated by the seaside, offering guests a tranquil and picturesque setting for relaxation.
  135. शांतिपूर्ण बिंदु (Peace Point) – शांति का स्थान – A serene and tranquil location where guests can find inner peace and relaxation.
  136. ओशन प्लाजा (Ocean Plaza) – सागरीय प्लाजा – A plaza located near the ocean, offering guests stunning views of the sea and a refreshing coastal atmosphere.
  137. होटल समना (Hotel Samana) – सामान्य होटल – A standard hotel offering comfortable accommodations and basic amenities for guests.
  138. होटल ब्लूपॉइंट (Hotel Bluepoint) – नीला बिंदु होटल – A hotel with a distinctive blue-themed design and ambiance, providing a unique and refreshing experience for guests.
  139. रायत पैलेस (Rayat Palace) – राजाओं का महल – A majestic palace fit for kings and royalty, offering luxurious accommodations and regal hospitality.
  140. आईवरी पैलेस (Ivory Palace) – हाथियों का महल – A grand palace adorned with ivory decorations, symbolizing opulence, luxury, and elegance.
  141. क्राउन पैलेस (Crown Palace) – मुकुट पैलेस – A palace with a crown-like architectural design, signifying royalty, grandeur, and majesty.
  142. हिल्टन पैलेस (Hilton Palace) – हिल्टन महल – A palace synonymous with the luxury and hospitality associated with the renowned Hilton brand.
  143. वॉयेज पैलेस (Voyage Palace) – यात्रा का महल – A palace where guests embark on a memorable journey of comfort, relaxation, and indulgence.
  144. आमन पैलेस (Aman Palace) – शांति का महल – A palace representing peace, tranquility, and serenity, providing guests with a calm and harmonious retreat.
  145. चंदन रिसॉर्ट (Chandan Resort) – सुगंधित रिसॉर्ट – A resort known for its fragrant ambiance and soothing atmosphere, offering guests a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.
  146. फेयरी होटल (Fairy Hotel) – परी का होटल – A hotel with a magical and enchanting charm, reminiscent of fairy tales and fantasy worlds, providing guests with a delightful and whimsical stay.
  147. मदनी पार्क (Madani Park) – ध्यान का पार्क – A serene park where guests can find tranquility and inner peace, surrounded by natural beauty and serene landscapes.
  148. होटल महाराजा (Hotel Maharaja) – राजा का होटल – A hotel fit for royalty, offering guests luxurious accommodations, regal hospitality, and grandeur reminiscent of a royal palace.
  149. दिक्षा रिसॉर्ट (Diksha Resort) – सिखाने वाला रिसॉर्ट – A resort dedicated to imparting knowledge and enlightenment, offering guests an educational and enriching experience.
  150. अर्जुना रिसॉर्ट (Arjuna Resort) – धनुरधारी रिसॉर्ट – A resort embodying the qualities of Arjuna from the Mahabharata, offering guests strength, courage, and skillful hospitality.
  151. विंड्सर होटल (Windsor Hotel) – विंड्सर होटल – A hotel inspired by the elegance and sophistication of Windsor Castle, offering guests a regal and majestic experience.
  152. गोल्फ कोच रिसॉर्ट (Golf Coach Resort) – गोल्फ कोच रिसॉर्ट – A resort designed for golf enthusiasts, offering expert coaching and world-class facilities for a memorable golfing experience.
  153. इंडियन पैलेस (Indian Palace) – भारतीय महल – A palace showcasing the rich heritage and culture of India, offering guests a glimpse into the grandeur and opulence of Indian royalty.
  154. होटल महाजन (Hotel Mahajan) – महाजन का होटल – A hotel synonymous with the Mahajan community, known for its hospitality, integrity, and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  155. गणेशा पैलेस (Ganesha Palace) – गणेश के पैलेस – A palace dedicated to Lord Ganesha, symbolizing prosperity, wisdom, and auspicious beginnings.
  156. ओल्ड कॉटेज (Old Cottage) – पुराना कॉटेज – A quaint and charming cottage reminiscent of yesteryears, offering guests a cozy and nostalgic retreat.
  157. कृष्णा प्लेस (Krishna Place) – कृष्णा का स्थान – A place infused with the divine presence of Lord Krishna, radiating love, joy, and spiritual bliss.
  158. योक रिसॉर्ट (Yoke Resort) – युगल रिसॉर्ट – A resort symbolizing unity and harmony, offering guests a serene and blissful retreat in nature’s embrace.
  159. लवेबल पैलेस (Lovable Palace) – प्यार के लायक पैलेस – A palace that captures the heart with its enchanting beauty and charm, offering guests a truly lovable experience.
  160. ब्लुसम रिसॉर्ट (Blossom Resort) – फूलों भरा रिसॉर्ट – A resort adorned with blossoming flowers, offering guests a rejuvenating and refreshing escape into nature’s bounty.
  161. ऑर्किड रिसॉर्ट (Orchid Resort) – ऑर्किड रिसॉर्ट – A resort adorned with exotic orchids, offering guests a luxurious and tranquil retreat amidst natural beauty.
  162. सोमया पैलेस (Somaya Palace) – सोमया पैलेस – A palace radiating serenity and grace, offering guests a peaceful and harmonious environment to relax and rejuvenate.
  163. वृंदावन पैलेस (Vrindavan Palace) – वृंदावन का पैलेस – A palace evoking the divine essence of Vrindavan, offering guests a spiritual and transcendent experience.
  164. मधुबन प्लेस (Madhuban Place) – मधुर बागीचा – A place resembling a sweet garden, offering guests a delightful and charming experience.
  165. सरोजनी रिसॉर्ट (Sarojni Resort) – सरस्वती जी का आरामदायक क्षेत्र – A resort symbolizing purity and elegance, offering guests a serene and tranquil environment.
  166. नीलकंठ होटल (Neelkanth Hotel) – भगवान शिव का एक नाम – A hotel named after Lord Shiva, symbolizing strength, tranquility, and divine grace.
  167. आरामदेह विला (Aaramdeh Villa) – आराम का घर – A villa offering guests a comfortable and relaxing stay, where they can unwind and rejuvenate.
  168. मिलन पॉइंट होटल (Milan Point Hotel) – मिलन का स्थान – A hotel serving as a meeting point for travelers, friends, and families to come together and create cherished memories.
  169. स्माइल स्पा रिसॉर्ट (Smile Spa Resort) – मुस्कान और आराम की स्थल – A resort where guests can relax, rejuvenate, and leave with a smile on their faces.
  170. मनमोहक बंगला (Manmohak Bangla) – मन मोहक बंगला – A charming bungalow captivating the heart and soul of its visitors with its beauty and allure.
  171. सुखद निवास (Sukhad Nivas) – खुशियों का घर – A dwelling where guests find joy, comfort, and happiness, making it their home away from home.
  172. स्वागत रिट्रीट (Swagat Retreat) – स्वागत आरामदायक क्षेत्र – A retreat offering guests a warm and welcoming ambiance, where they can unwind and feel at home.
  173. प्रियांजलि पैलेस (Priyanjali Palace) – प्रिय अर्पण – A palace dedicated to love and devotion, where guests are offered a heartfelt and memorable experience.
  174. अमिताभ हॉटेल (Amitabh Hotel) – अमिताभ का होटल – A hotel named after the eternal light, symbolizing grandeur and excellence.
  175. रंगमंच रिसॉर्ट (Rangmanch Resort) – रंगमंच का आरामदायक क्षेत्र – A resort resembling a colorful stage, offering guests a vibrant and lively experience.
  176. मित्रवन विला (Mitravan Villa) – मित्रों का आरामदायक निवास – A villa designed for friends, where guests can enjoy companionship and camaraderie.
  177. उत्सव पॉइंट होटेल (Utsav Point Hotel) – उत्सव का स्थान – A hotel serving as a venue for celebrations and festivities, offering guests a joyful and festive atmosphere.
  178. आलोकन आवास (Alokan Awaas) – प्रकाशमय निवास – A dwelling illuminated with light, symbolizing enlightenment and positivity.
  179. नीरवता रिसॉर्ट (Neeravta Resort) – शांति का आरामदायक क्षेत्र – A resort offering guests a peaceful and serene environment, where they can escape the chaos of everyday life.
  180. आरंभ सराय (Aarambh Saray) – आरंभ का निवास – A saray symbolizing new beginnings, where guests embark on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation.
  181. स्नेहमय बंगला (Snehmay Bangla) – स्नेहमय घर – A bungalow filled with love and affection, where guests are welcomed with warmth and hospitality.
  182. संगम सेटलमेंट (Sangam Settlement) – युगम स्थान – A settlement where different elements converge, offering guests a harmonious and balanced experience.
  183. श्रद्धा संगम हॉटेल (Shraddha Sangam Hotel) – श्रद्धा का संगम स्थल – A hotel where faith meets harmony, offering guests a spiritually uplifting experience.
  184. प्रेम वाणी रिसॉर्ट (Prem Vaani Resort) – प्रेम की ध्वनि का क्षेत्र – A resort resonating with the voice of love, offering guests a heartfelt and soulful experience.
  185. स्नेहस्पर्श होटेल (Sneh Sparsh Hotel) – स्नेह का स्पर्श – A hotel where guests experience the touch of affection, offering warmth and comfort.
  186. आनंद आलय (Anand Aalay) – आनंद का घर – A dwelling filled with joy and happiness, offering guests a blissful and contented stay.
  187. युगल सुखद निवास (Yugal Sukhad Nivas) – युगल सुख का निवास – A dwelling where couples find blissful happiness together, offering a serene and peaceful environment.
  188. अद्वितीय संगम हॉटेल (Advitiya Sangam Hotel) – अनूप एवं अद्वितीय संगम स्थल – A hotel offering an unparalleled and unique convergence of experiences, providing guests with extraordinary memories.
  189. महिमा सदन (Mahima Sadan) – महिमामय निवास – A dwelling filled with glory and splendor, offering guests a majestic and awe-inspiring experience.
  190. प्रेमाश्री हॉटेल (Premashri Hotel) – प्रेम की अश्रीत स्थल – A hotel providing guests with the shelter of love, offering warmth and affection.
  191. सौरभ्य आलय (Saurabhya Aalay) – सौरभ्यमय घर – A dwelling filled with grace and elegance, offering guests a luxurious and sophisticated experience.
  192. मित्रता संगम होटेल (Mitrata Sangam Hotel) – मित्रता का संगम स्थल – A hotel where friendship comes together, offering guests a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  193. संदीपन हॉटेल (Sandipan Hotel) – उज्ज्वलता का स्थान – A hotel symbolizing brightness and radiance, offering guests a vibrant and luminous experience.
  194. साकार संग्रहालय (Sakar Sangrahalay) – रूपरेखा का संग्रहालय – A museum showcasing forms and shapes, offering guests an artistic and visually appealing experience.
  195. सहज संगम हॉटेल (Sahaj Sangam Hotel) – आसान संगम स्थल – A hotel offering a seamless convergence of comfort and convenience, providing guests with an effortless and hassle-free experience.
  196. समीप संगम हॉटेल (Sameep Sangam Hotel) – समीपता का संगम स्थल – A hotel where proximity meets harmony, offering guests a close-knit and congenial environment.
  197. संगमरमर सराय (Sangammar Marble Saray) – संगमरमर का आरामदायक निवास – A marble palace offering guests a luxurious and opulent stay, reminiscent of royalty and grandeur.
  198. सौम्य आश्रय (Saumya Ashray) – सौम्यता का आश्रय – A refuge of gentleness, offering guests a tranquil and serene sanctuary.
  199. संगीत संगम हॉटेल (Sangeet Sangam Hotel) – संगीत का संगम स्थल – A hotel where music comes together, offering guests a melodic and harmonious experience.
  200. सौभाग्य सारोवर (Saubhagya Sarovar) – सौभाग्यमय सरोवर – A lake of good fortune, offering guests a blessed and auspicious retreat.
  201. संगीन आवास (Sangeen Awaas) – संगीतमय निवास – A dwelling filled with melody, offering guests a melodious and rhythmic experience.
  202. सजीवन आशियाना (Sajeevan Ashiyana) – जीवन्त आवास – A living sanctuary, offering guests a vibrant and lively abode.
  203. सुंदरी संगम हॉटेल (Sundari Sangam Hotel) – सुंदरता का संगम स्थल – A hotel where beauty converges, offering guests a picturesque and charming experience.
  204. सौम्य आशियाना (Saumya Ashiyana) – सौम्य आवास – A gentle abode, offering guests a calm and peaceful retreat.
  205. संगमरमर संसार (Sangammar Sansar) – संगमरमरी विश्व – A world of marble, offering guests an elegant and sophisticated environment.
  206. सौभाग्य सागर (Saubhagya Sagar) – सौभाग्य सागर – An ocean of fortune, offering guests a vast and boundless realm of blessings.
  207. साकार सागर (Sakar Sagar) – साकार सागर – A tangible ocean, offering guests a palpable and tangible experience.
  208. संगीत संवेदना (Sangeet Samvedana) – संगीतमय अनुभव – A musical experience, offering guests a soulful and heartfelt journey.
  209. सौम्य संगीतालय (Saumya Sangeetalay) – सौम्य संगीत का स्थान – A gentle musical abode, offering guests a serene and harmonious atmosphere.

In the present situation, giving a name to the hotel is very common. Every person who is deciding to start a new business as Hotel must start their business by deciding on a name. So, this article will help you provide a full fledge list of meaningful as well as a unique names.

The front of the hotel must be in the right direction. It means that it may be constructed according to the Vastu shastra. The first impression will be put on the public from its name as well. Apart from that, the hotel must be constructed in a specific area so that it could be easily available to the public. You can also add your location information with the name of the Hotel. It must be short and meaningful which is easily remembered and understandable by the public. The name must be given to the Hotel according to the rules and regulations of the Government.

The above list provides you with full Hotel name ideas in Hindi. From there you can select any one from then according to your preference. This is a list of names which has unique meaning and absolutely describe the feature and facilities they have given in the hotel. Moreover, if you want to be successful in your life then you have to give a unique, meaningful name to your hotel. You can pick a name from this list.

Nowadays, all business activities are done online, so a businessman has to start from there by choosing a list from there. After that, you can register a Hotel name legally by choosing a name from here. From here, you did not find any difficulty, from the start of the business to the initial stage.


From the above Hindi hotel name list, a person can choose any of the names for his hotel according to his preference. This is a complete list of Hindi hotel names that will make the reputation of your hotel. The name of the hotel can be easy to read by people and they will be going to use complex language while choosing the name of the hotel.

It must be according to your status in the market. A Hotel name must be given to a Hotel according to the status of the person who is going to set up a business. His reputation will be defined or described by the name of his hotel.

A Hotel name must to unique and have some different meaning by which it can be easily understandable to the public. The name represents the identity and will make a good reputation in the market. Apart from that, the name must be chosen which will be helpful in marketing.

It will not relate or hurt to any cast or religion. It must be unique and have some proper and sound meaning which is different from other hotels.

At last, the name must be that which will increase its brand name as well as its reputation in the market. From its name, people can be aware of its quality, facilities they are provided in the hotel, features, and specifications as well as services provided by the staff members in the hotel.

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